Obama… One Year Later

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Sorry for being away so long.  Been sick!

Seems there are issues in the USA?  The luster surrounding Sr. Obama seems to be diminishing? Here are a some videos that you might enjoy! This might help distract you from the real issues up there.

NOTE: These may have “R” ratings (depending on what you consider to be “R”.

Here, our president tries again to get in touch with the common man by visiting Dennys. He then does an “Oh Oh!” and lowers his goals a bit.

To view these, just click in the center of the video.

Obama Drastically Scales Back Goals For America After Visiting Denny’s

Everyone knows how Sr Obama always maintains close contact with the people. Of course not everyone is equal in the colonies!

Poll: Happy, Healthy Obamas Out Of Touch With Miserable Americans

Finally! Always interesting to take a peek at a presidents personal life. Here, we share dinner with the pres, wifey and kiddies!

Obama’s Home Teleprompter Malfunctions During Family Dinner


The Expat Life and Views on US Politics

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Oddly, one of the questions I get from readers asks me questions about my politics. Kinda nosey huh? They want to know if I follow the US political/economic scene, for whom am I going to vote… etc. Most of the time I do not answer as I believe that my blogs are supposed to be about Costa Rica and related topics and I guess my politics or personal views are not appropriate.

Lately, however, I see people who are just so unhappy living in the USA that their questions are not so much asking about my views as asking about if things will be better living here. Recently I wrote something about how I felt the USA was broken and needed repair. That was less a political statement than my observations from afar. Saying that, I guess if readers really want to know about life here, will it be better than living in the USA, will their life issues resolve themselves by moving here, maybe it is not a bad idea to address this.

So… if my personal opinions and politics are of interest, read on!



Slick Willy? Now Slick Hilly! History Repeats.

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I found this interesting. Perhaps you will also.


Just goes on and on huh? Why am I not surprised.  Sheesh!



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