To Georgie – Rest in Peace Old Friend- You will be missed.

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One of his favorite things... Georgie enjoying the Costa Rica sun perched in the garden. Last week, I had to put down one of my pets, George (Georgie to me, Jorge to my wife or Georgito to Carlos).

At left is a photo of Georgie taken last year and before the health issues. That cat surely loved to sit outside on the terrace and enjoy the morning Costa Rica sun. Eyes closed and as close to being in heaven as he could get yet still be alive.

He was quite old…. fourteen plus… and had terrible and incurable kidney problems, common for old cats. In addition, he was nearly blind.  I feel terribly guilty as I probably waited too long and caused him too much suffering.  It was just too hard to let go.

If you wish… read on!

Georgie was a many time grand champion Abyssinian and the only animal who did not join the family as a kitten.  He was an old and experienced 2+ year old cat when my friend and Abby breeder Robin Sessler suggested that he needed a home other than her cattery.  I accepted, and Georgie came to live with me in about 1998. Shortly thereafter, one of his many offspring, great granddaughter Charlie, joined the clan, and off we went to live in Costa Rica. A true adventure for man and cats.

Georgie loved it here… no more cold Chicago winters… easy to find a sunspot nearly any day of the year, and someone always in the house to pay him some attention.  He could always find a welcome spot on anyone’s lap.

Helluva life I suppose and that memory makes me very happy.

Any of you who have pets know that they are so much more than just animals or birds or whatever.  They are the essence of family. Their loss is as painful to us as the loss of a dear friend and can be equal too or greater than the loss of some family members. I think I know why.

Charlie - Looking shy but cute! Five time grand champ before retiring at age two

I have given this some thought and I have concluded that this is because our pets, unlike our friends or even family, are simply incapable of hurting us, intentionally or otherwise. They demand little.  They are, under normal circumstances, love machines, wanting so very little and giving so very much. No contracts, no expectations.  Georgie was a most special cat.  He loved and trusted everyone.  Those who slept in this house could be awakened (annoyingly, I grant you) by Georgie’s cold nose literally head butting them out of their sleep… motor running at full volume.

I do not know how I will survive without that cat….

Cover of Pets & Mas, number 47 featuring George and CharlieGeorgie and Charlie are famous in Costa Rica, at least amongst cat lovers!

After a few years of living here, I had the honor of taking George and Charlie to be exhibited at a pet show in Coronado.  There I had the pleasure of meeting Adelita Durán, president of la Asociación Ga-Ticos. This wonderful lady puts on cat shows almost every year (TICA sponsored).

She apparently then contacted Christine Bork, publisher of the pet magazine. Pets & Mas, (pets and more) who soon came to my home with a photo crew to do an article on Abyssinians in general and George and Charlie (pictured left) in particular! Not too many pet owners have the opportunity to have their special family entered into posterity in the best pet magazine in Central America! If any of you are inclined to read that issue, it is number 47 (Vol 1, Year 5, 2004) and can be ordered here.

I wish that I could say that I feel better after writing this.  I thought I would.  I simply do not.  I miss Georgie every minute of every day.  I believe that animals, like children, go directly to heaven, (no matter how you define “heaven”).  I believe it to be automatic and instant.

Logically, I know I will survive this…  I know that this too shall pass… But I hurt so damned much.

Rest in peace my Georgie.


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