The NEW RCR & Pleasing the Wife

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I have been spending a lot of time doing the rewrite of The Real Costa Rica (RCR) web site… in fact, so much time that ML came into the office last night and kidnapped me! She made me watch TV all night until bedtime. Doncha just love assertive women? Can’t blame her really as that re-design has been a major undertaking.

Since RCR went online, I have received a zillion emails and comments in the Guestbook. Most are complimentary but a few are from people who have really dug into the RCR and found errors (thankfully, precious few!), typos (a LOT) and have made suggestions on how to better the web site.

So this week, I will be publishing a NEW Real Costa Rica. It is in Beta right now being checked by friends and volunteers. The design is totally different. The menu system has been revised again, new photos have been added, the 30 or so pages that were added since Christmas will now be available in the menu system (can you imagine!) instead of having to find them by using the search engine, and finally, a whole NEW search engine will be installed. Some pages will download faster.

Another new thing… the site is now just too big for me to handle and increasingly, I am getting more detailed questions on a bunch of topics where I am not expert. For this reason, I am looking for volunteers to edit and maintain a specific subject, like maybe the pages on Surfing, Religion, or others that change frequently or simply require updates. Soooo, if you have knowledge of a specific topic such as the ones above OR you see that I have forgotten some topic that would be of interest to RCR visitors, please contact me.

As for the NEW version of RCR, I cannot post the URL (web address) as I do not want the search engines to visit the Beta location, but if anyone wants a sneak peek… let me know.


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  1. Wikkiam Graham said,

    on July 5th, 2006 at 3:15 pm

    My daughter is making a visit to your country in support of the I-to-I organization. In doing a little research, I ran across your RCR site. It is fantastic, both entertaining and informative. Thanks for all the good info (especially concerning Malaria) and keep all that good information coming. Remember if you please everyone, your web will be very uninteresting!

    If you’re ever in Central Calif (Santa Barbara) send me an e-mail and you got a place to stay!

    ummm wonder if I spelled everything right!!

  2. Tim said,

    on July 10th, 2006 at 10:08 am

    Thanks! You gotta deal!

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