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I have two photo galleries. Why do I have two? I have no idea whatsoever! I can’t remember setting up two… but the evidence is is right there. Senior moment. But now, I want to add more photos to my blogs, so I am experimenting with Flickr, a service offered by Yahoo. I opened a free (read that as pretty useless) account, so as I get busy uploading, you get to see ML naked… um, lots of cool stuff!

Costa Rica BoyeroSupposedly, I can blog from any photo I find in the FlicKR site or the ones I have posted there. I’ll try that later. While that might be OK, WordPress, the software that I use for this blog and for The Real Costa Rica blog, has a cool feature whereby I can actually see the finished product before publishing. I am not speaking of the WORDS, but of the entire page, in color, formatted, as it will appear. I doubt Flickr can do that, but quien sabe?
So, to fool around with this, I have added this photo I took of a Costa Rica Boyero… the guys you see driving the traditional Costa Rica oxcarts.

For those of you not familiar with the oxcarts, these beautifully decorated carts, drawn by oxen, were used to bring the coffee to market in the early days of Costa RicaThis guy came to about my navel, but his face tells more than I can ever write. Today, if there is one symbol of Costa Rica, it is the oxcart.

So now that I publish this. it appears that I cannot set the margin offset and that maybe the letters are coming too close to the photo. Nuts! Maybe WordPress has a setting I didn’t see. Otherwise, I’ll have to set it manually in HTML. As I recall, the code is hspace=”5″, but I don’t recall for sure.

Last edit: Yeah, I needed to add the HTML and I also added a photo of an oxcart as well and adding a border is the shit.  Enjoy!

Update: 21 May.  The HTML code didn’t work, so that meant the CSS (Style Sheet) was overriding.  Changed it to 3 pixels and voila.  I am NOT geek, but I speak geek!


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