Now THIS is Depressing… or Interesting!

Ξ May 20th, 2006 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Costa Rica, Humor |

OK… so I stopped blogging in January for a lot of reasons… then, a fews days ago, I begin again.

Now I don’t advertise this blog much. Two or three links in other sites that I am involved with, but I have been blessed with a group of followers, kinda like blog groupies (bloupies? groggies? groggers?) who come back and visit on a regular basis to read my pearls.

So would you not expect my readership to fall off a bit when I STOPPED blogging? Like maybe in February, or for sure March or 100% for sure in April??? Well NO! Within a few percent, this blog had almost the exact same number of visitors and hits AND the same number of returning fans, in fact, it increased a bit! How can this be? Does this mean my blog is just as interesting if I DON’T write anything?

Has anyone done a study to see if a blog grows without additional content?

Opinions welcome in the comments area below!


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