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I love a lot of things about the Costa Ricans, but one of my favorites is their overwhelming optimism when it comes to football (soccer to you heathens up North). On June 9, 2006 (my sister’s birthday BTW if you want to send me a gift of money that I PROMISE I will forward to her), Costa Rica faces Germany in the opening round of the World Cup.

For just about everyone in the world except the majority of folks in the USA, the World Cup is the equivalent of the World Series, the Superbowl, the Kentucky Derby, the Stanley Cup, the NCAA Championship, and the NBA Championship all rolled into one… only a LOT bigger. Our good old buddy Saddam used to torture and kill his players when they lost.

In any case, the Costa Rica national team believes they can knock off Germany in the opening round. Now THAT my readers, is optimism with a capital M. because:

  • Germany is a world power in football
  • Germany is the host country for the Cup
  • Germany is almost as arrogant and snotty as the French… but not as smelly… and most important…
  • It is the opening round, and it would mightily sucketh (for Germany), if the Ticos opened a can of whup-ass in the opening round in their country and trounced their Teutonic butts!

The optimism must be catching as our new president of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias has issued a decree that the morning of the 9th is a government holiday so workers can remain home (yeah… like they won’t be heading to the bars!) to watch the game. It is only a half day, so they must take their beery bodies to work after the game. Can anyone say, “absenteeism”?

Now this folks is optimism! Why it is as silly as thinking that a US team comprised of barely post-pubescent teeny boppers could ever have beaten the testosterone laden Russian national team in hockey lo those many years ago. Why… there just is no way!!!! Right?


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