There are rules for calling shotgun?

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OK… So I saw this the other day… Who knew there were RULES? In my youth, the person who GOT shotgun had nothing to do with who CALLED shotgun. The coveted right front seat space went to the person who could kick everyone else’s ass.

Now, according to The Shotgun Guide, even that has rules:

Section III – The Survival Of The Fittest Rules (a.k.a The Bastard Rules)
1) If the driver so wishes, he/she may institute the Survival Of The Fittest Rules on the process of calling Shotgun. In this case all rules, excepting 1.8, are suspended and the passenger seat is occupied by whoever can take it by force.
2) The driver must announce the institution of the Survival Of The Fittest Rules with reasonable warning to all passengers. This clause reduces the amount of blood lost by passengers and the damage done to the vehicle.


Now I find there is stuff like this:

  • “Shotgun!” must be said loudly enough so all other passengers can hear it.
  • The caller must be outdoors when shotgun is called (no exceptions)… and
  • Shotgun is voided when the driver’s significant other is a passenger. Try calling “shotgun” over someone’s girlfriend and we guarantee disappointment as well as a long walk home.

You can read the whole thing at the link below or skip to The Shotgun Guide for the more details than you EVER wanted to know, but still a clever web site written by someone with Waaaay too much time on his/her hands.
What are the rules for calling shotgun?


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