Five Months Later

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Well almost five months… and a helluva five months it has been.

The first half of 2006 has not been all that great… but June is right here and I am hoping for things to calm down a bit.

I found out in January that there are some wierd things happening to my heart. A few folks were amazed I have one, others were sad and a few more were anticipating my early check out. I find (my) health boring so this will not get mentioned again.

Sadly, my brother Paul (see Players) decided he wanted an early checkout and tried twice to commit suicide. Sadly for him but happily for the rest of us, Costa Rica is somewhar like the Hotel California. You can check in but you can never check out. I also learned that my new wifey can be depended upon in the bad times. She was right there at the hospital to assist and manage… then after my brother was released, she opened our home for 4-5 weeks and was a gracious and loving sister-in-law. People often have to wait for years to find out if their significant other is going to be there for them. I didn’t.

Well I guess that “never check out” thing is not true as brother Paul did pass on about 5 weeks ago… causes unknown. Appears it may have been natural. I would like that as, I am very sure, would his kids.

So this leaves my sister Pam and me as the last two in our generation. I sorta think of us now as one of us is “on-deck” and the other is “in-the-hole”. With that in mind, I am busy revising the wills. With my luck this year… I am on deck!

Although I wrote extensively about dying in Costa Rica, and I have attended 3-4 funerals since I got here, this was the first family member to pass. I always knew it was a slam-bam stick ’em in the ground thing… but AGAIN, you cannot imagine how hard it is to organize the whole deal in just a few hours. An once more, it was Maria who did the organizing.

I tried to speak at his funeral… just could not. I don’t do death well.

My son Bob called to tell me that his wife Jackie is pregnant! Then… just this week, Kembly (see Players), ny son’s wife… lost her baby.

The mandela turns… sadness to joy to sadness… and joy once more. All is as it should be.

So here we are in May… The businesses are all doing well. I quite smoking and promptly gained about 600 pounds.

We have about 20 different species of birds that have decided our back yard is a fine place to live.

I learned that I married a really wonderful woman who for some absolutely unknown reason… loves me. Go figure.

Life is Good. Let’s celebrate with a new theme for this Blog.


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