Boy is ML PO’d!

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I believe Jeanette (see The Players) has lost her mind. Maybe it is because she is six months pregnant, but regardless, she is clearly playing with a few cards short of a full deck. She has become forgetful and is acting really weird! She tells me we don’t have things (like cat food, etc.) when they are right in front of her. She leaves stuff all over the house… like cleaning materials, clothes. No big deal.

Yesterday though, she really did it!

Friday is was the planned day for a family fiesta to decorate the tree. ML was getting pretty excited over this. She told Jeanette to stay late on Friday to help with cooking and the festivities. All was going well… until yesterday.

I was out all day doing last minute shopping. Can’t find rutabaga anywhere! When I arrived home, Jeanette proudly pointed to THE TREE which, that very morning, was ready for Friday’s activities.

That was no longer the case. Jeanette had decorated the whole thing! Lights, balls, ribbons… the works!

My first thought was, “I wonder how understanding the courts will be?” and “When will Maria be out of prison?”, for most assuredly, my gentle wifey WILL kill this woman when she gets home.

I alternated between laughter and sadness and wondered what I could do to keep her out of jail. I decide that Jeanette had best leave before ML got home… a choice that later was proven correct… so I drove her to the bus stop on my way to pick up Maria.

ML, who reads me pretty well, immediately asked what’s up?

Nothing, says I.

Bulls–t says she.

I tell her I have a surprise for her when we get home.

She asks “A good surprise?”

No says I.


I refuse to discuss this more until we arrive home. I suggest to ML she take the living room route to the bedroom.

She complies.

The scream occurs 23ms after her foot touches the living room floor.

WHY DID YOU DECORATE THE TREE??????? Why do wives ALWAYS think the husband is the culprit?

It was Jeanette says I.

WHERE IS SHE??? I AM GOING TO KILL HER!! (Ha! Do I know my wifey or what!?)

No puedes mi amor. Se fue, says I (You can’t my love… She’s gone)

For the next three hours I dealt with anger, tears, anger, laughter, anger and indecision, and finally resolution. She fell asleep happy after calling 37 people to get their take on it. All the replies were about the same: “Did you kill her?” (My wife’s short temper is legend), and “No big deal! We’ll just eat, drink, dance and sing!”.

Ticos DO have their priorities in place!

So… we decided the party is still ON, but it will be limited to eating, drinking, and singing.

Now… if she just remembers NOT to heat up the pizza on Saturday!


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