The New Furniture Arrived…

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…and ML is like a little kid!

I spent a day or two last week running around San Jose testing the new and improved GSM phone system here in Costa Rica. but my REAL job was to find someone to make new furniture for our patio. Spanish lesson! Actually, patio in Spanish means the yard and the patio is called the terraza. So, to be correct… we wanted new stuff for the terraza!

More goodies
I drove all over the valley… from Santa Ana and Escazu to San Jose, to Heredia and Alejuela. It gave me a great opportunity to test the GSM phone system to see if ICE really did anything or if it was same ol' same ol'.  You can read the results at the above link.

The good news is that I found a great place in Heredia that manufactures rattan and wicker (miembre) to spec. They told me it would all be ready in a day or so! Cool!

Marlen relaxingI collected ML and we returned to pick styles and colors.  It didn’t hurt that there were three stores within 50 meters of one another… made comparison shopping easy, and we got the good price as well.

They delivered as promised and ML went bonkers. She invited just about everyone in Costa Rica to come see her new stuff… first to arrive was her daughter Marlen in the picture below.

We found everything we wanted and asked for delivery in two days… no problem! Above left are some of our goodies.

If you want to see the other pix, including bigger sized photos, visit the gallery and look under the album Patio Furniture.

What really is amazing is how fast these folks built and delivered the furniture! I think I am going to try to go out with a camera after the holidays to get some photos of the work rooms. Prices were excellent, and we paid about 20 cents on the dollar against US prices. Merry Christmas!


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