Nuts… We lost!

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ML wanted to play the lottery… the “Big One” known as the el Gordo Navideño or just el gordo. Gordo is the Spanish word for fat and this lottery with a potential win of ¢350.000.000 (a bit over $700,000.00) is a big deal here. Gordo or more accurately “mi gordito lindo” is also one of the 47 pets names Maria uses daily to describe ME.

So… being a good husband, I ran out and bought a ton of lottery tickets… having absolutely NO clue whatever as to what I was buying or even how the system worked. In fact, the first 20 I bought were for the wrong lottery. However, I ended up helping the Cruz Roja (Red Cross)… a good cause!

Anyway, I found out it works here pretty much like in the USA. You pays your money and then you loses!

The only differences I can see is that the winners here seems to be pretty normal everyday working people who will suddenly become very wealthy (by CR standards) and thus will immediately develop serious familial disfunctionality as a result.

In the US, at least in the Illinois State Lottery, most of the big winners seemed to be missing several (front) teeth and appeared to be either married to or living (conjugally) with, close family members… sisters-brothers preferred. There also seemed to be a skewed preference to trailer park living. Happily, disfunctionality was already a prerequisite to winning, so they needed not to worry about THAT!

So last night, ML and I compared tickets to the OFFICIAL WINNERS LIST and determined 1. We were losers, but 2. Still had our teeth!

It is my understanding that there are two consolation drawings before year end… so we are still holding out hope. Consolation drawings are for losers, and clearly anyone who plays lotteries is in that group.

Now where is a trailer park when you need one?


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