Christmas Tree 2005

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Maria and I took off for the mountains to buy THE TREE, and brother was she excited! For weeks, she has been saying that THIS year, she wants a smaller tree… smaller being less tall than I (2 meters or about 6’5″). Remembering the appearance of last years tree, I thought she might be on to something, so off we headed to Surqui to do the hunting.

On the way, we’re discussing who to invite for the decorating… a silly question as in Costa Rica, “who” means family and family means everyone who has not yet passed away.

Not one to let time waste, ML started calling from the car, and we now have a ton of people coming over on Friday. There WILL be beer, pizza, maybe nog, and good cheer. I have resolved not to repeat the pizza incident of last year.

We found a nice place near the tunnel where they cut you a live tree… our preference. Sadly, Costa Rica does not offer a large choice of evergreens. A blue spruce, my preference before moving here, would not be available for sure. Still, there were maybe 400 to choose from, and off she went on THE QUEST. She pointed out 15 or so within the first 40 feet. All were considerably taller than I. I (meekly) asked about her prior plans for a “shorter” tree. She says “Oh no!!!” like the subject had never even been discussed and off she flew to explore the lower forty (acres).

I don’t miss much not living in the USA, but there are times… like today… when I remember shopping for a live tree in the chill Illinios countryside, waitng while it was cut (or doing it myself) and then hopping on the tractor-pulled wagon for the trip back to the car and eventually home where we would build a fire and drink hot chocolate with those little marshmellows. I wax nostalgic!

Anyway, I suggested several, all of which were delgado (too thin), too short, or just were not the one she had in her mind’s eye. Finally, I actually found one that she liked and she found one I liked, a happy moment!

The selection made, we paid the 5,300 colones (a tad over $10.00, attached the tree to the roof, and headed off for lunch at a restaurant nearby. This was comida tipica (typical Costa Rica fare), and surprisingly not very good. Still we were filled with good cheer and after lunch, we returned to the nest and stored our treasure in the garage for the Friday festivities. Wanna come? There might be hot chocolate!


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