Zepol vs Windex

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I think the movie was My Big Fat Greek Wedding… not sure. The bride’s father kept handy a bottle of Windex that he used for just about anything from pimples to plumbing repairs. I suppose he also used it for windows. At various times, he sprayed just about everyone… or threatened to. Duct tape has the same reputation for many people.

For ML, it is Zepol. Zepol is sort of a Vicks Vapo-Rub… just not as stong. Maria uses it like the father above uses Windex.

This, to me, is absolutely goofy. Maria is a nutritional specialist and nurse who works with persons suffering from nasty blood diseases. She is an educated and very bright woman!

So why this otherwise intelligent woman swears by the wonderous healing properties of Zepol is just beyond me. Regardless of the malady, she is on-the-spot with Zepol. In the past fews weeks I have been Zepoled for:

a headache
a blister
a mosquito bite
a toothache
a razor cut
ant control
and the list goes on…

I am thankful daily that I do not suffer from hemoroids or jock itch.


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