Honeymoon… Final chapter

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OK… So I am a bit late writing about the last part of the ‘moon. Sue me.

After the few days we spent in DF and Taxco, it was time to again board Mexicana… also known as Mexi-arrogante… for the short flight to Cancun. As you might glean from my comment, Mexicana is not my favorite airline and in fact are probably toward the bottom… not bad considering this was the first time I have flown the airline. They work quick to impress!

Of the four Mexicana flights (legs) we were on, only the return flight from Mexico City (DF) to Costa Rica was staffed by flight attendants who gave the impression they gave a sweet damn about anyone on the plane except themselves. Since I moved to Costa Rica, I have had the opportunity to fly a number of non-US airlines in Central America such as Taca, Lacsa, and others, and the general level of service is very, very good. Thus I was surprised and disappointed that Mexicana so mightily sucketh. They are now on my “use them only if NOTHING else is available” list.

Bad airline and all, we DID finally make it to Cancun on a gorgeous, sunny and breezy afternoon, and made our way to our hotel, The Cancun Palace.

Let me start by saying this. I HATE all-inclusives! Now I have to revise that. I HATED all-inclusives.

This was Luisa’s first trip to Mexico, and she wanted to stay in an all inclusive where the meals, drinks and so on are included in the price. ML is a…well.. ummm… parsimonious soul, a totally un-Tica like behavior, and she firmly believed after the compromiso, the wedding, and all the other expenses, that we would save money if we went to an all inclusive. I tried to explain that at the all inclusives I ever went to (about 10 in my younger years) the terrible service was surpassed only by the lousy food, watered down drinks, and dirty facilities. She stood firm and we booked at the Palace.

Wow! Have all-inclusives changed over the years! When we arrived, the hotel was truly quit lovely on the outside and I got an inkling that I may have been too quick in my judgement. We entered the lobby area where I immediately thought “Ha, typical, crummy all-inclusive” as the lobby and elevators were really pretty crummy and sorely needed remodeling. I am happy to say that that was almost the LAST negative thing I would say about the place. See below.

The Palace was great! The staff was friendly and service oriented. The grounds (except for the incredibly dilapidated miniature golf course) were immaculate and well kept. The several restaurants (5-6 I think) ALL served really GOOD food and the wait staff were cordial, pleasant and competent. The drinks were proper strength and I can testify to that as I spend a huge amount of time at the swim-up pool bar while Maria worked diligently to age herself pre-maturely by spending every day baking to a fine brown. She DID look pretty sexy though! So I hereby eat crow. All all-inclusives are not crummy and the Palace is proof. We missed the big hurricane by only two days, and sadly the Palace was heavily damaged and will not be open again til February, 2006. This, however, may actually be a great thing as now the management will have to deal with the only three (and relatively unimportant) problems in that hotel… The lobby, the elevators, and the really awful miniature golf course (that has GREAT potential, BTW.). Certainly, they will need to replace those.. and that will make it an even better place.

I was also pleasantly surprised that free WIFI was available not only in our room, but poolside as well. Sadly, the marketing folks at this chain apparently are still operating in the last century as this info does not appear anywhere on the web site. And yeah… I DID bring my laptop and yeah, I DID work in the room and poolside… and yeah it WAS my honeymoon… so? I just wish someone could invent a waterproof laptop so I could have worked while sitting at the pool bar. Life would then have been even better!

Though we spent a lot of time at the pool and beach (see photos for Cancun in the gallery), ML wanted to get out, so we took a tour to the Isla de Mujeres (Women’s Island), a name that certainly held great promise, but was, alas, just a name. It WAS fun though! We snorkeled for about an hour and a half, ate some tasty food, and rented a golf cart to drive around the island.

ML does not drive. Well, she MUST as she has a drivers license, but she never drives. Anywhere. So when she wanted to drive the golf cart, I says to myself, “Self? What harm can there be in this reasonable request from my bride of but a few days? This will be really fun!”.

I learned why ML does not drive. This enormously talented woman (in the hospital) absolutely does know her left from her right, nor does it appear she has the ability to coordinate what her eye SEES with what her hands (on the wheel) nor her feet (on the gas and break) are doing.

I learned fear.

I play golf and have spend countless happy hours driving a golf cart in various stages of sobriety. I have crashed them. I have driven them into picturesque ponds. I have used them as steeds to play polo golf. I have even used them for their intended purpose. But I NEVER thought of playing “chicken” with a semi while driving a golf cart. Have you any IDEA how BIG a semi looks from a golf cart as it approaches head-on at moderate speed?? I suggested to ML that a lane change might be in order as 1. The truck would easily win and 2. We were in HIS lane!

ML assured me (as the semi began to block out the sun) that we were fine and I was over-reacting. I SAW the semi drivers face. Hell, I saw his NOSE HAIRS. He was not in agreement with my bride. I grabbed the wheel and returned to our rightful lane just as the semi, already laying heavy pressure on the breaks… whipped by. ML was laughing and having such a fine time, we just continued (after a brief stop while I changed my underwear). She was just like a kid and we had many more near death experiences, but we also bought some cool presents and a pretty traditional dress for Lucia! I love my wifey! You shudda seen her face… like a kid!

ML now loves golf carts, and wants one for around the town here. I am reluctant as it took years to find her and it seems unfair to lose her so soon. On the other hand, there are no semis in our neighborhood!

The ten days in Cancun ended way too soon. The town has changed incredibly over the years and now just reeks of tourism… but honeymoon spots are forever, so we’ll be heading back soon I am sure.


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  1. Wayne Jahr said,

    on October 4th, 2006 at 5:17 pm

    Discovered your blog after visiting CR and am hooked on it! Your extremely witty, dry sense of humor and ability to see the humor in every day situations is tremendous. I am just another ex-pat retired American living on Isla Mujeres. I own a rental property also. I can so identify with the golf cart story! LMAO! Glad nothing bad happened but you would be surprised how many tourist close calls I have seen….and lived through! Keep up the good work!

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