Dog Eats Nica

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Things are heating up between Costa Rica and Nicaragua over the incident the other night whereby two Rottweiler guard dogs were losed against a Nicaraguan who was alledgedly on private property with mal intent. There may be some basis in this as it was

  1. The middle of the night
  2. Everything was closed and locked for the night
  3. The gentleman in question was well-known to our elite fuerza publica as a bad person not respectful of the law.

Well, to make a long story short… the dogs pretty much ate him while a crowd of bystanders and the policia looked on.

This young man’s mom is says her son was a good boy and was just there visiting his girlfriend… in the middle of the night… at a bodega (warehouse)… something the girlfriend says is nonsense.

Either way, the Nicaraguan govermment is demanding an investigation… not a surprise as our diplomatic relationship with the Nicas is not so good after we got into the squabble about the San Juan River… sigh.

In this case however, the Nicas may well have a point as, depending on which news source you read, the attack was permitted to go on for 2-4 hours. Some folks think the dogs should have been shot to stop the attack… a valid point if true. Standing around and watching any human get eaten by dogs for more than a few minutes without taking any action is sorta bush league behavior. Given Costa Rica’s bias against Nicas here in Costa Rica, the whole thing probably should be reviewed. I doubt it will.


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  1. on December 1st, 2005 at 1:11 pm

    Note to tourists and real estate buyers/owners: Although this story IS 100% factual, don’t get all panicky about an attack from the North. This will probably all get resolved as soon as the Nicas cool down aboutone of their local felons getting eaten the other night by a Rottweiler as he was visiting a bodega in the middle of the night…. to visit his girlfriend. And if it doesn’t, we’ll just call George! The REAL Costa Rica Blog

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