Taxco! Oh, and remind me to never get married again

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Sheesh… It appears I simply cannot take any time away from my business. Since returning from the honeymoon, it has been 14 hour days and I never get a chance to write in my blog. I did have time though to add some of the photos from our trip to Taxco, Mexico and you can see them in the gallery here or just browse the gallery here. There are also a couple of Cancun photos… more coming.

This was my first visit to Taxco, and I was warned ahead of time that it was nothing more than a tourist trap. Well that was nonsense. Yeah, it certainly had it’s share of touristy stuff, but you have to be pretty blind not to appreciate the architecture, the cool cobblestone-like streets, the people, the restaurants, and of course, the silver. Taxco sort of reminds me of the old Sausalito in that it is built almost vertically into the hillside.

The shops on the main streets (calling them streets is maybe a bit free and loose), are just there for the tourists, but for those with a bit of an adventurous spirit, take the little cross streets and alleys to discover some neat little shops where the uncommon siler is hiding. Sometimes you just have to walk down the stairs to basements and sub basements. It is there that you can strike a deal or two… though truly, I didn’t try all that hard as I found the prices in these small shops to be really fair!

Taxco was an easy 3 hour trip from DF (Mexico City) and allowed us (well , me) to see a Mexico I had no idea existed. This was ML’s first trip to that country so it was all new for her.

The countryside, mountains, and rolling hills were just amazing. We hired a driver + town car for the day, and that allowed us to stop en route so ML could sample some Mexican beer (the good stuff… not the yuppy Corona crap) which she promptly declared most excellent. We were also able to stop when we saw something interesting… which was a lot.

Taxco was definitely worth the trip… next time, I’d leave earlier and have more time to explore.

I’ll have some more photos up of Cancun, DF, and the honeymoon when I get a minute.


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