Well, the Ring Thing Crisis is over anyway

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Buying wedding rings should be simple. As with so many things in Costa Rica, it was not.

First was the size thing. Costa Ricans are a smaller people. Ticos over 5 feet 10 inches are not common. Large body parts are apparently not either. (Naw… don’t go there. I have no knowledge in that area).

I have large hands. I wear a size 16 ring. This is definitely outside the “in stock” range of most Costa Rican jewelers. I know this as I had to visit personally most Costa Rican jewelers. ML’s hands fall nicely within the norm, so I was, as usual, the problem.

After some days of searching, I found a jeweler who had the style I was looking for and would custom make the rings… OK my ring… by hand. They were to be engraved with our names and the wedding date. I paid a deposit and was on my way.

Simple huh? Ummm. Not.

I went to pick up the rings. They were perfect. OK… EXCEPT for the engraving. I had apparently located the only jeweler in Latin America who was unable to spell the name “Maria”. Go figure. Maria is certainly the Most Common Latin Name winner, hands down. There is about a 96% chance the jeweler’s Mom, sister, wife, and grammy are ALL named Maria something (or something Maria). The Virgin gets a LOT of press in Latin America.

So I was holding a ring engraved: “Mari A Luisa”. Incredible.

A couple of returns trips, and I now have the rings.

Now another crisis…. We are heading to Mexico for the honeymoon, also currently known as “The land of hurricanes just sitting there waiting for ML and Tim”. Sheesh… What next?


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  1. Angela said,

    on April 24th, 2006 at 1:14 pm

    Hola Tim – congrat’s to you. Call me sometime.


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