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Although I have met a ton of other blogger type persons over the years, nearly all have been by email… until this past week.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey, Jones, Smith, Heinlein, Kasnowsky, Blah, Blah and Blah, who is the head cheese and main blogger at Jacqueline Passey, Incorporated, LLC, SA, DDS, and BS and 2004 winner of the “Most Affiliate Links on any One Web Page Award”.

Jacqueline has recently made the move to Costa Rica with her (also) prize winning “novio del dia”. I say this because he was the winner of the Big Contest wherein JP went online to solicit a traveling companion and sex A LOVER! Terrence was the prize! How cool is that! I shudda applied!

Actually, advertising works! I met ML when I put an ad in La Nacion for a hot, long legged, beautiful, romantic, Tica with an bent sense of humor. ML applied and regular blog readers know we are getting married in THREE DAYS! ARGH.

Anyway, I generally do not do much in depth analysis of other bloggers (except for the famous Stephanie Klein thing which will never die methinks. Anyway, it is probably unfair to treat her her like someone who had to go to eBay for romance. In person, she is bright and funny… a bit offbeat, and MUCH better looking than any picture on her blog, and always wears big clunky shoes… a habit she will soon probably forego once she knows that wearing those things in the tropics will give her a raging case of toe nail fungus. Ewwww!

JP appeared at the ARCR Seminar and later blogged the experience. Incredibly, she got ALL the names spelled right… except MINE!

Sadly, she only covered Day 1 and skipped entirely Day 2, the far more important (and interesting) day as that is the day I spoke. Dissed me… Snot.

Anyway… we really fooled her! She writes: “(I)…joined Christopher Howard, Ryan Piercy, and Tim (author of The Real Costa Rica website and the blog His Fault and a couple other people lingering over lunch and drinks. I felt so special being at the “cool kids” table of Costa Rican insiders! 🙂

Cool Kids? LOL! Chris, Ry and I are about the least cool kids in CR, but cool enough to fool HER! I am guessing we were all nerds in high school, but have been reborn in Costa Rica. Now we are commonly referred to as “The Costa Rica Insiders!” Actually, I think she just felt really comfortable sitting with the Costa Rica geek squad. JP was probably one of those overly bright kids in high school who suffered fools poorly.

She posts to her blog every 90 minutes, and it is clear that she types at around 289 words per minute. I use three fingers, and average 20. This post will be two hours in the making. I have typing envy.

I also have Google Page Rank envy as HER blog has a PR of SIX and mine has been assigned a -3, something Google denies. It happened right after I wrote this. Before then, I had a NINE!

Anyway… her blog is a good read, and she is a nice lady… and if she ever recovers from her current disease, she will be a nice addition to Costa Rica. I have not yet added HER blog to my blogroll cuz she has not YET added MINE!

Oh… and J? I have your phone! Heh Heh… put the link somewhere near the top, OK?


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  1. Jacqueline said,

    on October 5th, 2005 at 7:01 pm

    Ha! Thanks for the link, and the phone!

  2. on October 5th, 2005 at 8:59 pm

    […] I met Tim at the Association of Residents of Costa Rica office yesterday and paid for my phone in advance, then met him again this morning to pick up my phone and pay the deposit on my line.  And now I have a working phone, just like that!  So, if you live in Costa Rica and need/want cell phone service and either can’t get it from ICE or don’t want to wait for if/when they might have lines available again, I recommend going to Tim.  Even if he does write goofy things about me on his blog.  (And if you want to see him twitch and whimper, congratulate him on his upcoming wedding.) […]

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