A week… oh oh

Ξ September 29th, 2005 | → 2 Comments | ∇ Costa Rica, Humor, Whatever |

The BIG DAY is next week. Saturday the 8th to be exact. Married… again. Second time.

My ex wife is in town along with her husband. She is here for Lucia’s baptism and not for the wedding. Que sorpresa! More stress though. They are here with my son Bob and his wifey and grandchild Jacob whom I have not seen in two years.

My mind is falling apart. I am forgetting to return calls. I forget other stuff. I remember stuff I THOUGHT I did (but really didn’t do). I find myself standing in parts of the house, and I cannot remember why I am there. I don’t sleep a lot anyway, but now I am down to maybe 2 hours per night. I wake up sweaty when I do sleep.



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