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I am getting married on the 8th of October and I am REALLY getting nervous.

So is my bride to be… known in this blog as ML, Maria, Luisa, Guisa and other assorted names,

She has not been married in almost 20 years. I have not been married in about 15 years. 35 accumulated years of flying solo. We bounce around each other like 7th graders.

I suppose all this is normal, but we vacillate between excitement, anticipation, romantic interludes and cold stone fear. I do not recall this happening during my first marriage. That may be because my ex and I ate (almost) our entire wedding cake on the eve of our wedding. Both of us were on a sugar high and a carbohydrate hangover at the same time. I also seem to recall there was some serious alcohol involved.

Every day something new comes up. Some crisis that raises the tension level another notch. Last night it was the furniture rental folks who told us they could not quote us as they were fully booked. We also need a photographer. Rings are bought, but have not been picked up. Invites are out. Small wedding… but a lot of work!

The caterer is a friend with a serious alcohol problem. It is a bit of a gamble, but he is far and away the finest cook I know. His bocas (canapes) are simply incredible. If he ever got off the hooch, he’d make a fortune.

Honeymoon is bought and paid for. Off to Mexico… DF, Taxco, and others for a few days then on to Cancun for some sun. It was going to be Aruba, but we am protesting the coverup there. A bit risky as we are still in hurricane season… UGH… more worry.

I am taking the laptop… really romantic huh? But there is just no way I can leave five companies and be out of touch. More ugh! I hope Mexico is WIFI’d.

My son Bill is going to be my best man… that will be excellent! He is the only family member coming which makes me a bit sad.

We are being married by an attorney. Two choices here in Costa Rica… the Church or an attorney. Ugh… some choice. She wanted to do the church thing, but there are about two years of crap to do in order to make that fly. Besides, if the marriage doesn’t work out, the same attorney can handle the divorce… maybe at at good rate!

Funny thing too… the less I blog, the more email I get. Go figure! Maybe that explains why nobody links to me. Technorati is a wasteland for my blog… I am still getting mail and comments on Steph Seems that post has a life of its own.

For all of you who have written about The Real Costa Rica… Gracias!.



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