Oh Yeah… they’re baaaack.

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One of the neat things about living in Costa Rica is the variety of cool fruits available here. 

Not all are automatically good to my taste. One particular fruit whose name I never bothered to learn for the obvious reason (I hate them) is a golf ball sized thingy that people cook for about two years, then eat with
mayonnaise. Ticos (Costa Ricans) love them! 

However… one of the fruits that I truly adore comes only for a short time each year. It is the mamón chino (see photos above and below) and it is truly excellent treat.

They do, however, have a somewhat scary appearance that can intimidate.

The first time I saw them I didn’t even want to touch one much less figure out how to eat it. Needless worry. The spines are very soft and a quick pull apart with the nails on your thumbs gets you to the real fruit!

The fruit itself is wrapped around a seed and you sort or run it around inside your mouth until you have sorta chewed off the fruit.

So if you ever get to Costa Rica… check out the street vendors.

One kilo (2.2 pounds) will set you back a buck.






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