Almost Five Weeks Now!

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This is really odd! I stopped smoking just over a month ago (six weeks) and didn’t blog it. As the other times I tried stopping were not happy events, I would have thought this time would be in here because I am doing it. But I FORGOT to blog it!

In fact, I almost never think about the fact that I am no longer smoking!

It all started six weeks ago when a doctor friend flew though Costa Rica on his way back to Florida. We had breakfast. I noticed he stopped smoking, and though he wasn’t as bad as I (4 packs min. per day), he probably did at least two or so.

He said he was taking Wellbutrin, an anti-depressant. Stephen most assuredly manifests no sign of depression, but he told me that taking this pill really cuts back on the withdrawal.

Wellbutrin is prescription drug in the US, but available over-the counter here. I generally think taking a prescription medicine without a doctor’s order is really high on the dumbshit list of things to do and Dr. Stephen is a friend.. not my doctor. So I read everything available on the Net about this drug, and came to the conclusion I was not a candidate for any of the bad things that can happen using it. Dr. Me!

So I went over to the drug store and bought a box… two weeks supply. I started taking them… nothing bad happened. Stephen said to use them for 3-5 days, then stop the smoking… so I did. It was NOT pretty. I was really over the edge and was not Mr Happy Face. I quit for 6 hours. Jeanette was on the phone looking for a new job.

So I thought, “Maybe I’ll just finish the box and see what happens”.

After maybe the 11th day, I got up one morning and found I had only two cigarettes left in the pack, told myself I had to get to the store pronto.

I smoked ’em in 30 minutes but got pretty busy that morning, and when I glanced at the time, 4 hours had passed. I FORGOT I needed a smoke! I FORGOT to go to the store. FORGOT! Smokers know exactly what I am talking about. NOBODY who smokes four packs a day “forgets” they need a cigarette.

So, I said to me… “I gotta get some smokes”, but then a client came over, I got busy again, and then ML called (5 PM) to pick her up!

A whole day… and NO withdrawal symptoms! A DAY! I have not smoked since, and while there have been 6-8 times I sorted wanted a cigarette, it was just too much effort to go out to the store to buy buy them. Too much effort to drive 3 blocks.

About six week into this now… Still no withdrawal.. no jitters, no yelling at everyone… nothing. I have no idea how long I have to take this stuff, but maybe a month more? Two? Gotta write Stephen and get the skinny on this.

Anybody reading this who wants to stop… talk to your doctor. Don’t be an idiot and start taking anti-depressants on your own. I read almost 350 pages of documentaion and trial results, and determined I was pretty OK to take these, but I am not sure it was the smartest thing I ever did. SIX WEEKS! I am SOOO happy!


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  1. DUANE FORTIER said,

    on September 4th, 2005 at 4:52 pm

    As a former smoker…the best I can say to you is: YEAH!! You are over the hardest part…It seems we both smoked alot..4 pks a day. I had tried to quit numerous times..yet failed..My fav line was always something like: “Quitting smoking is a piece of cake…I’ve done it 27 times!” That was 15 yrs ago, & now I rarely think of it, until someone mentions it. I am so very happy & proud I finaly have it behind me…you should be too. Throw out any & all ashtrays any jackets, pants , clothes, etc. that smell of tobacco…like the curtains..Your lungs & body will immediately start the self-repair…think in lungs…you just gave yourslf 10+ plus years extra of life!! Gonna buzz off for now, am coming down to Costa Rica for the 1st time on the 24th. Take care, evenvtually, your sub-conscious, & concious mind will slowly change from ‘I quit smoking’ to ‘I don’t smoke’ …seems trite wording, but it was a big one for me.

    peace, Duane

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