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4:00 AM – I usually wake up early. Four AM seems to be my body’s wakeup time. Luisa sleeps next to me, her breathing is soft… deep. She sleeps like a person who has lived a good life. A life in which she never hurt other people, was never dishonest, was a good friend to others, was honorable, kind…. The sleep of the good person. That is accurate. She is.

I am thinking that we are not alike in this. I have hurt others… been dishonest… worse. Not a good person at various times in my life… but I think a better person now. As I get older, I hope God has forgotten, but I know better. I’m pretty sure He is still pissed.

4:20 AM – I quit smoking yesterday. I really want a cigarette. Nothing opens until 6 AM. That is good. I’ll be stronger by 6!

4:30 AM – At least 4-5 times per week, this damn jet takes off over the house. While we live only 4-5 miles from the San Jose airport, we never hear the planes… except for this one… it is always there… low and noisy… 4:30.

ML stirs at the sound, shifts into the spooning position, finds my arm and tugs it around her making her happy sound. She is instantly back asleep. I wait a few moments and begin to trace my fingers over her body. She sleeps on… occasionally making those happy sounds. If she did this to me, I’d hate it… I don’t like to cuddled or touched when I am sleeping. She does. A lot.

I love certain parts of her body. I especially like where the top of her hip dips down to form her waistline. A beautiful curve… a dangerous curve! Similar to some roads I have traveled.

I like her stomach too. She is about 1 kilo overweight (2.2 pounds) and most of that is in a small rise covering her tummy. Every morning I hear the same old thing about “how fat I am!”. She is not… and for a 40 something woman, she is hot! Hell, for a 20 something woman she is hot! Her back is perfectly formed. I trace my nails down her spine. More happy sounds. She has two little “indents”at the bottom of her back. When I hit those, she twitches and giggles in her sleep. She is pretty ticklish.

She smells really good…. soapy from last night’s shower and the cream afterwards. I spoon her. In the morning light, I can now see her skin. It is a beatiful color… like a perfect tan… flawless really… and so soft! I don’t deserve this woman. Maybe God has forgotten.

But love makes you vulnerable, right? … so there is that.


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  1. Buzz Segura said,

    on February 11th, 2007 at 8:14 am

    “Morning Thoughts”
    WOW ! Half of the guys on this planet envy you!
    Sometimes life is kind and we reap MORE than we sew.
    If I spoke spanish, I would ask. Does she have a sister 🙂

  2. Tim said,

    on February 11th, 2007 at 9:45 am

    Yeah. Three!

    Not likely what you are looking for.

    However, this is a target rich environment, so take heart!

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