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I like getting emails from readers. As I think I have a regular following of about eight people (five of whom are family), I really enjoy getting emails from people other than my daughter.

In today’s mail, I received, in addition to the 36 emails for penis enlarging and Viagra/Cialis (how do they KNOW?), and a couple of more hate mails from fans of Stephanie, I received a comment email from reader Steve, located somewhere in Great Britain, who read an earler post where I referenced 84 Charing Cross Road, a book/play published in 1970 and later made into a fine movie and an excellent play.

He thoughtfully emailed the URL of the 84 Charing Cross Road Revisited, a pretty neat site providing bios and photos of all the real life players in the movie/play. What a nice thing to do.

Thank you Steve! (if you ever come back to visit)

So far, the Stephanie emails are running at 53% (you are a dick, jerk, pig, Stephanie hater, and general idiot!) to 47% (You are exactly right!!).

Of the 53% who think I am a total dipshit, 85% were from women (whudda thunk that!)and that more or less tracks my real life experiences with women.

Of the 47% who agree, 90% were of the male persuasion.

A few persons left theirs unsigned and used very bad, (but often inventive) words, so I am crediting those to the men as I know women would never use such language!


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