Nuts to the Press and the Democrats

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As I sit in the relative safety of Costa Rica, I have had ample time to ponder the recent events in London, and the politically charged US.

After due thought, I am getting really tired of the position taken by some of the far-left thinking Democrats and most especially, their ringleader Teddy (big boozer) Kennedy. The press seems so astonishingly biased and apparently has become the handmaiden to Teddy . His 15 minutes a fame should have ended years ago while still at Hawvawd and was caught cheating. Sadly, it didn’t.

I am neither a card carrying Republican nor a Democrat. Maybe I’ll describe myself like as a left thinking Republican, but I feel I am pretty open to all positions so long as they agree with mine. 🙂

I was in business all my life in the USA. One thing I learned was to judge performance. It is part of our culture to judge performance, and I think that is a major contributing factor to the enormous progress of the country.

I look at the USA since 9-11. I look at the changes that have taken place. Perhaps more importantly, I look at what has not taken place. There have been no further terrorist bombings or other incidents in the US. I do not have a count of all the terrorist incidents elsewhere in the world, but there have been scores I am sure.

But in the US? In almost four years? Nothing! The evaluation here seems pretty simple. Someone is doing their job and doing it pretty well! To me, it is also odd that nobody ever just says that out loud, especially the press. Isn’t it their job to say when someone is DOING their job and not focus only on the negative?

So who gets the credit? Bush (Heaven forbid!)? The Department of Homeland Security? The FBI? Hell, I don’t know, Probably all. But regardless of who gets the credit, regardless of all this silly political carp, someone has been doing their job, and with my children and grandchildren in the US, I am delighted.

Clearly these successes have a direct tie to some of the loss of our ‘rights’. We have lost some. I DON’T CARE.

I do not think the formers of the Constitution or Bill or Rights ever envisioned for a moment that a group like Al Queda would ever exist. Their idea of gun control was to have one to protect home and provide food. It was NOT to mow down children in schools or use your AK47 for target practice at a restaurant. I do absolutely believe we are at war with an organization who wants to eliminate our way of life and enforce their belief system on the USA and the world. Last week, it was London. This week, London again and Egypt.

I read blogs and news articles about the potential loss of rights. People are upset about the Patriot Act and Homeland Security. They feel their personal liberty is being attacked. Yeah… so what! This ain’t Kansas Dorothy and if you have nothing to hide, about the worst that can happen is that you’ll be inconvenienced. Me? I WANT the FBI or some other group to know who is checking out those bomb building books from their local library. I want them to see who is peeking at architectural plans for public works (like water supplies). Once they know who is doing this… I WANT them to stop by for a visit and ask “Why?”.

Last time I flew through the USA, I had a “sneaker check”. I was late, and I wasn’t particularly happy at the delay, but I made do… tried to crack wise to the sneaker check lady that she must be new on the job to win this particularly nasty chore. I thought my comment was at least marginally humorous… she never cracked a smile, though I guess after several hours of sweaty feet, maybe I wouldn’t be in the best of humour either.

I have taken the unpopular position that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with racial profiling. I can say this safely in my blog as nobody reads it anyway… but I just do not get it when someone says it is wrong. I think it is wrong only if it is intended to harass for the sake of harming or picking on people. I also think racial profiling should just be called ‘profiling’… i.e. looking for people or anything that is just not where they/it are supposed to be.

Before I left Chicago, there was a big uproar because some policemen stopped a trash car filled with Black teenagers as it was cruising the streets of a one of the rich and predominantly white suburbs. Suits were filed. Everyone was righteously indignant! Why? Why was it wrong for these cops to wonder what four Black kids were doing in that neighborhood at 2 AM? If I lived there, I would WANT my police department to do exactly that.

I also think that a car full of WHITE kids should be stopped in a predominantly Black neighborhood at 2 AM. Why are they there? Likely, it is not because they are returning from a midnight mass. To me there is just nothing wrong with investigating. I truly believe that while there are some real racist pigs on some police departments, that most of these people are just doing a nasty and relatively thankless job.

To be fair, that same police department also had stopped other minorities during the daylight hours and in circumstances that appeared to be far more racially motivated. THAT I am firmly against.

Now, the New York cops are searching bags on the subways. Whatta violation of civil liberties! Bullshit.

Of course they are under enormous pressure to not appear to racially profile anyone. Why?

Yeah, it IS possible a bomber might be some suburban white bread disenfranchised teeny bopper from Iowa… but come on! It is far more likely that this potential miscreant is from some Middle East nation with a hardon for Americans. If I am a subway rider in New York or anywhere, my advice to the police would be to check out who looks suspicious in general and if they happen to appear to be Middle Eastern… go for it and screw this PC thing. As for the millions of peace loving, law abiding Middle Easterners, I apologize in advance, but sorrry… that is the price that must be paid as it is THAT group that has declared this war. I see no way that those who appear to be Middle Eastern canot be affected. I am also willing to bet that many who ride the subways in London are now perhaps watching a lot more carefully those of darker complexion.

While I am certainly not thrilled with all the decisions made by the current administration (Iraq, etc…), overall, they have managed to keep my country safe from harm. Someone is doing their job… and from me, whoever you are Federal, State or Local… Nice Job! Thanks for keeping my family safe.

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