I can’t work when I am dancing

Ξ July 19th, 2005 | → 2 Comments | ∇ Whatever |

Normally I work in the home office and the place is silent. I get a lot of work done. An occasional phone call… a lot of emails… but I can work.

Because of the fire, Luisa is off until at least the first week in August. That means she is here! I sorta like this… mostly like it… I guess. However, she has demands. For instance nail files. She loses them. A lot. So, today, I had to run out and buy some. No biggie. But how different is the culture here! Women here take great pride in grooming their men… so I am forever getting manicures, pedicures, hair trims… the works. This has been a huge cultural adjustment for me.

Anyway, when I return, I start back to work. No dice. She comes over to my desk, plants a big one on my neck, grabs one of my hands (ummm… I am typing here), and starts the manicure thing. I am typing one handed. I am not a good typist with two hands, and likely would not be a good typist if I had 4 hands… She files. I type (sort of). Oh how I have learned patience here in Costa Rica.

When I am here alone, I play music… background stuff that is not distracting. ML is here, so it is louder… salsas, merengues, US music too! No problem… I can deal with it.

But, she is Tica and loves to dance. So, when something comes on that strikes her fancy… and believe me, there is a lot of fancy striking… she pops in with a happy. “Venga! Bailamos!” Come on! Let’s dance! So we dance. The work stops… I don’t care.

It’s my life in the tropics and time for lunch anyway… or not.

Willy Nelson is on and she wants to dance!

I am utterly and hopelessly in love with this woman.



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