Another reason to love the Brits!

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I was just watching Fox a while ago. One of the stories was how the Brits returned to work as normal this morning, the first work week after the attacks.

This is not surprising to me.

Last week, some pundit on cable announced (with the arrogance and confidence of all pundits) how the British would just fold their tents and cave in to the terrorist threat exactly as Spain did over a year ago. I just laughed at this ignoramus.

My immediate response was “horseshit!”.

If ever there were a people on the face of the earth who who never cave into anything anywhere at any time, it is most assuredly the British.

These are the people who weathered incredible hardship in World War 2. The bombings, the deprivation… incredible people… incredibly tough people. They dealt with the IRA. They already know terror, and they will face this challenge as they always have.

In fact, of all the countries in the world, about the only two I am pretty sure will never cave in to the terrorists are the United Kingdom (specifically Great Britain) and the USA. Once again, the terrorist picked the wrong target.

To you Londoners, I am so very sorry for your tragic loss, and I wish you strength and courage as again you are faced with an enemy totally devoid of honor.

Also interviewed this AM was Gerald Posner (crummy website alert) who was making comments that Londoners should have had ample warning of these attacks as they have allowed to flourish a relatively large population of Islamic mosques advocating terrorism, and more specifically, terror attacks against Great Britain. I have no idea if this is true. My position on the pundits should be clear. In any case, if it is true, that was and is a great mistake. I find it personally sad that in these days, normal peace loving and abiding people may have to sacrifice some of their rights… but I am more than willing to sacrfice some of mine if it means greater security for the whole. The world has changed and we are most assuredly at war.

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