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It is the rainy season here. Somebody (can you guess maybe an ad writer somewhere?) euphemistically called it the “green season”. Sheesh. Nice way to say it rains every day 🙂 But… it does get green here and the garden is looking first rate!

Most days are about the same. Stunning mornings with bright sunshine and brilliant blue skies. Then, about noon, it starts to cloud up and maybe at 1 or so, the rains begin. Often, they end in late afternoon allowing for splendid evenings under the Costa Rican sky.

Today no. It is almost 7PM as I write this, and it is coming down solid. Solid here means absolutely straight down with no change in tempo. With luck, it will continue until bedtime for most excellent sleeping!

Luisa (ML) is away for the weekend visiting her family. She also set up a mass for her father who died last week. At 97, he never left the province of Limón and I cannot comprehend how many people he must have known. I drove her over yesterday morning and came back after a few hours.

Before I returned though, I had my first taste of raw sugar cane… a sweet treat! ML’s brother showed his skill with a machete by cutting and cleaning a 4 foot stalk in about 10 seconds. He then handed it to me. Ugh. What a total Gringo I am! I had no idea it was a sugar cane, and I damn near thought he had made me a walking stick! I had no idea what to do with it until ML grabbed it, cut off a piece about 8 inches long and began to chew/suck it. She kindly cut one for me (I presume because chewing on the three foot remainder would have really looked dumb and she knew I was about to do that). Her brother though just took HIS part, put it in his mouth and CHOMP, he had a very manageable piece in his mouth with which to work. This is not a neat treat BTW! The remaining pulp is pretty useless, and like chewing tobacco, one is immediately faced with the problem: “What the hell do I do with THIS!”. I soon learned not to be so picky and we just pitched the leftovers into the bush. Oh, Cane eating hint! Try not to handle the chewings to much or get juice on you or in your beard… it’s sticky.

I am alone. The house is totally quiet except for the rain on the tin roof, and for the first time in a long time, I am lonely. I am normally very comfortable being alone. I have lived more or less alone for maybe 13 years, and I am pretty happy with my own company. There is always work to do, a book to read, music to listen to, or something on TV. But tonight I really miss my sweetie. We just got engaged last Saturday night… exactly a week…. we spend Sunday mostly hanging out and on Monday I got pretty sick… flu/whatever… then her dad died.

We have had little time to enjoy the thought that we are going to get married pretty quick and live our lives together… so tonight I really miss her. I am tempted to jump in the car and drive the 70 miles just to be with her… but I know there is no room at her family’s place and I have a sneaking suspicion that getting a hotel room with her would not be right… so many cultural differences… even after 4 years, I am still a bit unsure of this stuff, but I am pretty sure that spiriting her off to a hotel would be a bad one and misinterpreted. So here I am blogging.

Come home sweetie. I miss you!


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