A taste of Irony! The real Taste of Chicago?

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Shooting near Taste of Chicago festival kills one and injures two others

CHICAGO, June 26 — Shots were fired near the crowded Taste of Chicago outdoor food festival, killing one man and wounding two others, police said.
The shooting occurred late Saturday as tens of thousands of people were leaving the festival, which had just closed for the evening, police spokesman Pat Camden said.

Now does anyone other than me find this to be pretty amusing?  (No, idiot, I am not referring to the dead or dying). 

As an ex-Chicagoan living the ex-pat life in Costa Rica, I think that simply letting people sample the wonderful cooking in Chicago is not enough!  Clearly, Chicago agrees!

Chicago clearly wants to enlarge on the definition of Taste of Chicago to maybe get a feeling for the true Feel of Chicago.  Sort of…. “Violence and gun control with pene pasta!”

Try some pierogi but bring your Mac 9!

Like ribs?  Try our sauce and our Glocks!

Oh… BTW… the food there is most excellent… so I would suggest everyone go. 

Just make sure you are carrying!


Looking to start a business?

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Hotel Room Shortage

During the past high tourist season – running December through April – some 39,000 tourists were not able to secure a hotel room in Costa Rica, that according to the National Chamber of Tourism

This is one of the consequences of an unexpected increase in the arrival of visitors, which had been expected to grow by 6.6% between 2002 and 2012, but just between 2002 and 2004 it went up8.94%.

According to the sources, the 700 new rooms expected to be available by the next high season will still be short to satisfy the growing demand.

If this is true, Costa Rica may be an attractive location for those wishing to be hoteliers or B and B’rs



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