I have been known to worry too much

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The perfect example was this AM when my sweetie flew off to work sans a ‘Happy Birthday”.

Of course 5 minutes after I hit publish, she called… wished me an effusive HB, and invited me to dinner and other “activites”.

As Bugs Bunny used to say… “Whatta Maroon!”


WordPress Just Rulz!

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I am SOOO impressed with WP! Damn this just beats MT to death!

I have played around now… found this theme which I had to mod a bit and change the CSS… added other links so you can all tell how excellent the weather is here in Costa Rica, added a couple of plug-ins (one of which is that slippery thing which is just way too cool!).

I learned more in a day than I did in 2 years with MT. I am sure everyone thinks their blog software is just great, but if anyone wants to make a change, this one really warrants your attention.


Ex- Costa Rican President gets another 3 months

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Ex-Costa Rica Prseident Rafael Ángel Calderón will spend three more months at least under house arrest.

The former president is under investigation the role he may have played a $39 million loan from Finland that allowed the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social to purchase cellular equipment. He is accused of taking kickbacks. One other ex-president is also enjoying the close supervision of the government while a third is hiding out in Switzerland.

In Costa Rica, we use a modified version of the “Guilty until proven innocent” law that allows prosecutors to jail or place the accused under house arrest for periods of up to a year while they investigate. No bail.

And you’re probably bitching about the Homeland Security Act!


Birthdays, Engagements, and Fear

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Today is my birthday!

I actually forgot it until an ex-lover called to wish me a happy.

If anyone actually reads this blog, you have seen mention of my darling Maria whose has been my novia (girlfriend) for about 14 months. After the ex called, I realized that my sweetie never wished me the same as we got upthis morning. I have mixed thoughts on this. She is a most excellent girlfriend, and has a ton of really wonderful attributes.

Remembering stuff like birthdays and anniversaries is clearly not one of them.

This is odd as my life experiences have taught me that it is almost always the guy who forgets this stuff. This seems to be a never ending source of irritation for the woman and now I see why. I am not sure I really CARE, but it would have been nice.

This is important for two reasons. On Saturday night, we are having a joint birthday party (Maria’s BD was the 14th, and NO, I didn’t forget it) and mine is, of course, today. About 80 people are coming to the big show.

What my sweetie does NOT know is that this party is not just a birthday celebration.

It will be her compromiso!

In Latin culture, a woman’s engagement party is a big deal, and on Saturday night, I am going to ask Maria to be my wife… and I am going to do this in front of all those people. The only people who know this is going to happen are my son and my best buddy here in Costa Rica.

The panic is setting in. I have been divorced for many years (not unhappily).

It appears I am going to ask a person to marry me who just forgot my birthday! Ugh!

The Ring
I have been pondering this all morning. Is this important? Does it show some complete lack of caring? Does it mean she may not really care for me all that much? Hell, I don’t know. What I DO know is that I have bought tworings (see photo of ring 1) and knowing her as I think I do, I am just going to chalk it up to the morning rush we have every day as she heads off to work. Wish me luck!

Oh… Why two rings? One is for wearing every day (a fake) and one is wearing when she wants (the real deal). In Costa Rica, street robbery is a national pasttime, and so I expect the fake to go with her to work each day as she works in a non-to-savory area of San José. Can you diamond experts tell which one is in this photo?


Good-bye to Moveable Type

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I hate that I had to switch from MT.

Well that is really not the case. What I really miss was how cool my blog looked using MT. The old site had a nice appearance, and now I have to figure out how to make this one look cool. WordPress is MUCH easier to understand, but after several hours of trying to find just the right theme, I have come up a bit short. However adding pages in WP is so much more simple.

What I won’t miss from MT is how hard it was to do what should be simple stuff. So now that I have a new toy, maybe I’ll post more than every six months.



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