Happy Thanksgiving (for many)

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Living away from the USA is a lot of fun, and I seldom feel as if I “miss” much of my old life.

Thanksgiving is an exception.

Obviously, in Costa Rica, TG is not celebrated. There are, of course, a lot of US ex-pats living here who do… but I do not. Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without family.

I have a wonderful girlfriend… but she works today. My son lives here, but HE works today. I live here, and I work today because I have a ton of Costa Rican clients, and THEY work today.

I received a couple of invitations to dinner today… but I don’t want to go solo. I always feel like the fifth wheel.

Later, I must go a teach a seminar to folks who want to come and live here, and that should be fun. Usually is. Then I will go and get a haircut.

My gf returns home about 5 PM… and maybe we’ll go out to dinner… without Turkey. (Turkeys are available here, but I have yet to find and restaurant that knows how to cook one properly, and stuffing is unheard of!

I tried to explain to my housekeeper some of our traditions (in Spanish) but it loses something in the translation.

So, for now… I sit here alone at my desk, and I REALLY miss Thanksgiving


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