Cross Dressers and Executions in Texas

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Anthony Fuentes, 30, was the 21st person executed this year in Texas and the 334th since 1982.

In a final statement while strapped to a gurney in the Texas death chamber, Fuentes said some day ”the truth will be known” about the crime.

”It is wrong for the prosecutors to lie and make witnesses say what they need them to say,” he said. ”I just hope everybody has their peace. Today I get mine.”

Two of his accomplices, Steve Vela and Kelvin Templeton, were convicted of aggravated robbery and sentenced to prison terms of 16 years and 15 years, respectively.

For his final meal, Fuentes requested fried chicken with biscuits and jalapeno peppers, steak and french fries, fajita tacos, pizza, a hamburger, water and Coca-Cola.

I used to be for the death penalty. I wasn’t really sure if it detered bad people from doing bad things. But it seemed fair. You kill someone. We kill you. I also justified this because of the huge cost to keep just one inmate locked up and guarded for a year. $40,000 + I think was the figure.

Then came DNA, and we found out just how many ‘mistakes’ were sitting on the Illinois death row. I lived in Illinois before I cam here to Costa Rica. In fact, the Illinois numbers were staggering. Many were released on appeal (with heartfelt apologies!) for the loss of x – 15 years…. and finally the governor commuted the death sentences for all the rest because the system was so fucked up.

Texas seems very confident in their system. I hope they are right. 334 folks knocked off is a lot. Even with a low 5% error rate, that sorta means 16 folks had a real bad day… por nada.

I think maybe we should not kill any more people until we figure out how to reverse the process if we screw up.

Side note: The other two guys convicted of this crime were given prison sentences. They also did not have Latin surnames. Probably just a coincidence!

And… Texas seems to be the leader in another area:

HOUSTON, Nov. 17 2004 Camouflage was in and cross-dressing was out at a rural East Texas school district Wednesday after a Christian legal group complained a long-standing school tradition of reversing social roles for a day would promote homosexuality.

Hmmm! Promote homosexuality huh?

And one concerned Mom voiced it ever so succinctly!

Delana Davies, who has two children in the Spurger school, complained this year that the tradition could promote homosexuality… ”It might be fun today to dress up like a little girl — kids think it’s cute and things like that. And you start playing around with it and, like drugs, you do a little here and there (and) eventually it gets you,” Davies told reporters.

Well now I am clear on this!

I guess now that those good ole boyz and gurlz can wear their cammies and prepare for another Columbine instead… likely because of their deeply supressed homosexual urges?

Sheesh! Am I missing something here?


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