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Photography is one of my favorite things, and Costa Rica provides just about as good a location as there is anywhere in the world for pursuing this.

Yesterday I added a Photo Gallery to my web site for those of you who would like to see a bit of Central America. Included are photos of Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, and perhaps today or tomorrow, San Andres, Columbia.

Costa Rica has it all… incredible birds and other wildlife, rainforests, beaches, mountains, cloud forests, intersting architecture and some of the nicest folks anywhere in the world.

It also has a enormous number of churches with amazing designs and ageless beauty. In fact, the beauty of the churches alone (every town, large or small, has one) would be enough for a great coffee table book.

Here are a few pictures.

All are thumbnailed so clicking on them will pop-up a larger version.

The first two are the old stand-by flower shots, but the colors are to me quite beautiful.

The variety of flowers here is astonishing. Travel to the rain forests and you will see orchids sporting colors found almost nowhere in the world.

And, of course, no mini selection of Costa Rica photos would be complete without at least one beach shot!

This secluded beach is in the northwest portion of Costa Rica in the province od Guanacaste. There are still a fair number of these pristine beaches if you do a bit of hunting, but unfortunately, Costa Rica is getting over-populated and the hotels are snatching up properties like this. I sat near that tree. As I did, I thought (briefly) of friends and family enjoying the last few days of Fall before the winter storms hit Chicago… and I thought: SUCKERS!!

And people wonder how I could possible leave the US for an ex-patriot life in Costa Rica.

If you want to visit the Gallery for more pix, Click Here


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