July 11?

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Six Months and no entries. Incredible. I swore I’d keep this thing up to date. So much for that.

It would seem my dream of having Angie back in my life is not gonna happen. We still keep in contact, but the worlds of Costa Rica and the US are just too far apart. She does not want to leave her family and friends to com here, and I don’t wnt to go back to the US… so that’s it. Some dreams are just not going to come true.

Six months… With a few exceptions, much is the same. Maybe that is why I have not kept this up to date.

My son Bill moved to Costa Rica in August to live. He sort of lost focus on his education. Perhaps that is too harsh… more accurately, he decided that he just didn’t want to do the PhD thing. I guess the university reaching thing is a really nasty political environment and was just not for him. Anyway… Bill now lives with me which is great. Part of my ongoing history is that I raised Bill from when he was about 10 to now… We are about as tight as a father-son can get. In many ways, he is my salvation and I cannot imagine loving anyone more.

B is GONE… this time for good I expect, although I get daily calls begging for a reconciliation. That is not going to happen. I’d rather be in no relationship than one that is not based in trust and is so destructive.

Yesterday we all went up to the mountain town of Puriscal. This town is located on a mountaintop… ok almost at the top… but the drive there was simply incredible with amazing views from both the sides of the road. I could live there in a minute, but there is no high speed Internet available yet and I need that for my companies. Still, I might just rent a place up there to use on weekends or when I just want to get away from San Jose.

I started an new company since July selling toll free numbers from the US to Costa Rica. So far, it has done pretty well.. Most customers are realtors, hotels, and expatriates from the US and Canada.

I went to Playa (beach) Potrero for the holidays. What a great spot. This is a public beach but it seems it is so far, undiscovered because it was nearly deserted. The weather was near perfect… as was the diving and snorkeling. The beaches here are normally very hot… CR is only ten degrees north of the equator, but this time it was in the 80’s every day with low humidity. Just couldn’t get any better.

I am having drinks Wednesday night with Mafe… She is a hotel manager, a Tica (Costa Rican), but educated in Europe. Really nice woman… so we shall see how that goes.

Hopefully… the next entry will not be in August.


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