The 4th from Outside

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I went to a 4th of July celebration today… from 8AM to Noon for US citizens living here. Ended at Noon to try to avoid the afternoon rains at this time of year… which thoughtfully showed at 6PM and are happening as I write this.

Maybe 5,000 people showed up… a nice crowd. Everyhing was free… which was cool… but there is something about beer at 8AM that loses something these days. Damn I’d hate to think I was getting old. Guess the first clue shoulda been that it was held at Costa Rica’s biggest cervezeria (brewery). Boy, nothing gets past me!

Great band… The lead singer was a retired river pilot from Holland… dressed like Waylon Jennings, singing county and western music in Costa Rica. THAT’S why i love this place. Where else??? They played some fine Chicago (my home!) style blues too, and the guy on the harp was so good he cudda played anywhere. Saw a lot of old friends and met a couple of new ones. Finally met Laura’s husband… nice guy… they make top quality candles here that are so excellent!

Anyway, the party was fun, even alone, and I haven’t spoken that much English at one time for a while.

Nice flag raising ceremony too… One woman’s speech really got to me. There is something about celebrating the 4th with your fellow countrymen in another country. I love Costa Rica… but I am US to the core, and being here brought that home big time. When that flag went up and we sang the National Anthem… I lost it. Do we have the greatest fucking national anthem in the world or what???

Left early after the US ambassador spoke his piece… If you called central casting and said “Send over a Republican right away!”, this guy would be on the doorstep. Have no idea what his background is… but he just looked… well… Republican!

Now that Iraq has simmered down… no protesters were there, though I was sorta looking forward to saying hi to them.

Saw Charlie and his new sweetie on the way out… Charlie is older than dirt and looks it, but had a first rate Tica (half his age) on his arm. Age means very little here between partners… The women here actually prefer older guys cuz they are more stable and treat the women better. I need one!! Here I am in a target rich environment… and I am dealing with B. Sigh.


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