I do things backwards

Ξ July 2nd, 2003 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Whatever |

Are you supposed to know anything about blogging before you put one up?

I expect most bloggers have a plan before they do this stuff. I think I did this backwards. I installed the blog first, then I have been scrambling for the past two days to find out what a blog is.

People must have at least some idea of what they were going to say or at least have some burning passion to rant to the world about their life, their cause… whatever – before they blogged right?

I did’t have any of those. I still don’t. In fact, until I happened across Girlie, I really had no idea how good an online journal could be. In fact, her whole website is creative as hell.

So after I read hers… I spend about 10 more hours reading a zillion other blogs and journals. I learned something: Women are better at this shit than men.

So many women seem just be able to open themselves up and talk about whatever.. their sex lives, love lives, family, religion, relationships… all of it. Men, I think, generally suck at this. I may suck too. More shall be revealed.

Also, why is it that so many women who write blogs so often refer to themselves as bitches? AND… they appear to do it with some pride! What’s that about? You don’t hear guys running around bragging about being assholes.. though certainly many of us have reached that exalted pillar of assholiness. We sure as hell don’t brag about it.

I think I am out of touch. Perhaps I need to go back to the States and investigate. Anyway, I am going to bed.


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