A Beginner’s Guide to Using RSS for Reading Blogs

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rss.jpgI really do not know just how many Blogs are being published about Costa Rica, but for sure, there have to be about forty or so… maybe more. Some are really, really good! Some are… well… not so good. Who reads these blogs? I guess that depends on the type of Blog. Some are of a personal nature giving readers the chance to peek inside the personal lives of the blog writer. Others are geared to current events, news, information on living in, retiring to, or general information about Costa Rica. Sadly, there are also some SPAM blogs that really say nothing. They only want you to click on one of the ads you find there.

Some Blogs add new content (articles) every day. Others maybe once or twice a week or sometimes less often. So the question is whether there is a way to keep up with the blogs you like to read without having to go to that Blog to see if there is anything new. If you have a list of maybe 8-10 of your favorites, that can be time consuming. Well there IS, and this article will teach you how to do it in almost no time, and the good news is you already have everything you need to set it up!



The NEW RCR & Pleasing the Wife

Ξ May 24th, 2006 | → 2 Comments | ∇ Costa Rica, Whatever |

I have been spending a lot of time doing the rewrite of The Real Costa Rica (RCR) web site… in fact, so much time that ML came into the office last night and kidnapped me! She made me watch TV all night until bedtime. Doncha just love assertive women? Can’t blame her really as that re-design has been a major undertaking.

Since RCR went online, I have received a zillion emails and comments in the Guestbook. Most are complimentary but a few are from people who have really dug into the RCR and found errors (thankfully, precious few!), typos (a LOT) and have made suggestions on how to better the web site.




Ξ May 18th, 2006 | → 5 Comments | ∇ Costa Rica, Whatever |

4 AM and the morning birds awaken. I call them that as I have no idea what they are named… but they make very special these early mornings in Costa Rica.



I bet the boys are PO’d!

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A member of the Ugandan parliament has pledged to reward girls for their chastity by paying their university fees if they are virgins when they leave high school.

Bbaale County MP Sulaiman Madada said any girl in his district who wanted to take part in the scheme aimed at promoting girls’ education would be given a gynecological examination by health workers to check they were virgins.

Probably don’t have a Ugandan Civil Liberties Group there huh?

The orginal article is here Oddly Enough News Article | Reuters.com but they don;t leave them up for long.

Oh… and The MP did not extend his offer to young men… apparently because he was unwilling to accept a boy’s word that he was, in fact, a virgin. Whatta surprise!


There are rules for calling shotgun?

Ξ May 14th, 2006 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Costa Rica, Humor, Whatever |

OK… So I saw this the other day… Who knew there were RULES? In my youth, the person who GOT shotgun had nothing to do with who CALLED shotgun. The coveted right front seat space went to the person who could kick everyone else’s ass.



Five Months Later

Ξ May 13th, 2006 | → 1 Comments | ∇ Costa Rica, Humor, Maria Luisa, Whatever |

Well almost five months… and a helluva five months it has been.

The first half of 2006 has not been all that great… but June is right here and I am hoping for things to calm down a bit.



Maria got Robbed Yesterday… Again.

Ξ January 20th, 2006 | → 5 Comments | ∇ Costa Rica, Maria Luisa, Rants, Whatever |

I am SO PO’d and I am really getting tired of the street crime in San José.

Yesterday morning, my wife had a meeting at the CAJA (equivalent to the US Social Security). It was a business meeting with a bunch of big shots, so she dressed to the nines, including the new earrings I gave her last month.


The Running of the Bull fights!

Ξ January 1st, 2006 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Costa Rica, Ewwwwww!, Humor, Whatever |

In teaching my son’s Costa Rican girlfriend how to prepare a Christmas turkey (with sage and onion dressing!) and how terribly important it is to use care in the preparation of these foods and to be especially careful of things like botulism, salmonella, athlete’s foot, and Chlamydia, I managed to poison myself (food wise) which is why I have not been writing. The good thing is that they have TV in hospitals, the IV thingy is pretty portable, and you can watch the bullfights between the bouts vomiting and diarrhea!


Boy is ML PO’d!

Ξ December 22nd, 2005 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Costa Rica, Humor, Whatever |

I believe Jeanette (see The Players) has lost her mind. Maybe it is because she is six months pregnant, but regardless, she is clearly playing with a few cards short of a full deck. She has become forgetful and is acting really weird! She tells me we don’t have things (like cat food, etc.) when they are right in front of her. She leaves stuff all over the house… like cleaning materials, clothes. No big deal.

Yesterday though, she really did it!


Christmas Tree 2005

Ξ December 18th, 2005 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Costa Rica, Food, Humor, Maria Luisa, Whatever |

Maria and I took off for the mountains to buy THE TREE, and brother was she excited! For weeks, she has been saying that THIS year, she wants a smaller tree… smaller being less tall than I (2 meters or about 6’5″). Remembering the appearance of last years tree, I thought she might be on to something, so off we headed to Surqui to do the hunting.


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