Oh Boy!

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You know things are bad when one of your loyal readers writes to say:

Hace mucho tiempo me amigo! ?Usted no tiene algo nuevo para decirnos?

For those of you non Spanish speakers, this translates more or less to, “It’s been a long time my friend! Don’t you have anything new to tell us?”.

How embarrassing that my readers have to give me a verbal goosing to get a blog entry. Sheesh!

The fact is I have been posting regularly to my other blog, and some of those posts, like this one and Part 2, really should have gone on this blog and not that one as those were more personal posts about my life. I try to keep the personal stuff, the rants, and any political junk on this one.

So dear reader Miguel… I needed that!  Thank you for getting me off my butt. I’ll try to do better!


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  1. john santamaria said,

    on May 21st, 2010 at 6:45 am

    listen i am a first generation costa rican american my father came here in search of a career and new source of income to help his family and himself. we are very frequent visitors of costa rica his whole family still lives in san isidro and i am realy getting tired of white americans making costa rica a tourist atraction i love that countrey and it bothers me when you guys want to fix everything about it because personaly i believe if more americans move there its going to become like every other place in america shity and overpopulated i am sorry if i affended you but i want to keep the culture
    pura vida tiene un buen dia

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