The Internet Just Doesn’t Surprise Me Much Any More…BUT

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OK… I know, this is blasphemy.

I stopped using Google about ten months ago. I switched to Brand Y and on occasion Brand A. They just worked better. I feel like that little kid who said “The King Has NO Clothes!”, but I am here to tell you now, Google just plain doesn’t work well any more… so I left them. Dropped ’em like 4th period French.

I do not get impressed any more about the stuff I see on the Net. It’s just the same ol’ crapola in new packaging.

Then… about 6 months ago, somebody told me about Vivisimo, a “new” type of search engine. “The Google Killer”. Hogwash. IN 20 years of Interneting, I have seen it all come and go. But I am a geek at heart, so I tried it. It worked GOOD. Then, I used it for a month… it worked REALLY GOOD. Instead of the garbage returned daily by Google and to a lesser extent, brand Y, this thing returned useful information. It not only returned it, it actually packaged it!

Now this ain’t new. The placing of SE results in handy little packages was used about ten tears ago. It didn’t work well and the company that did it is now in private practice.

But dear readers… this damned thing DOES work… and it is especially good if you have to do a broad search.

ANY search engine works if you enter a search phrase or term so narrow that the results make sense. But in the real world, this seldom happens. In the real world, we do searches (at least I do) on broad subjects.

Example: A search on Costa Rica for example.

In Google you get a mismash of stuff in the first three pages. Maybe what you want is there… maybe not. Usually not…

But in Vivisiomo…. you get this: Topic (number of sites)

costa rica (203)

Travel (58)
Maps (17)
San Jos�, Costa Rica (17)
Community (8)
Estate, Costa Rica Real (11)
Nacional (7)
Costa Rica Hotels (12)
Surf (10)
Birding (7)
Fishing, Sportfishing (9)
Adventure Tours (6)
School (5)
World Factbook (2)
Costa Rica and Central America (3)
Flights (5)
Costa Rica Natural (3)
Quepos (4)
Land (4)
Governments (5)
Visit Costa Rica (4)
Art, Offering Contemporary (3)
Condominiums (2)
Embassy (2)
Geographie (4)
Cocori (2)
Costa Rica Beach (4)
Reisen, Mietwagen (3)
Discover Costa Rica (4)
Costa Rica Car Rentals (3)
Costa Rica.Net (3)
Lots And Houses (2)
Life In Costa Rica (2)
Room (5)
Lawyer, Law (3)
Find Costa Rica (2)
Airfares To Costa Rica (2)
Breakfast, Reservations (5)
Rep�blica de Costa Rica (3)
Trips In Costa Rica (2)
Databases (2)
Gourmet (2)
Transportation, Transfer Services (3)
Costa Rica City (2)
Music (2)
Dolphin and whale (2)
Beautiful Costa Rica (3)
Other Topics (22)

58 web sites on travel, 17 about maps, etc.

To ME, this is just far more useful.

I may have become jaded…. but for today, I am delighted to write about something that really makes me happy. A search engine that really works.

(See the next entry for some very interesting facts. Vivisimo #2??? Can it be?)

To check out Vivisimo in a new window, click here.


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